2022 Top 10 Power Plant Operators of the Year

Posted: July 27, 2023

Power plant operators are on the font line keeping the lights on every day in AVEC communities.  Every year we recognize 10 power plant operators who respond quickly whenever a need arises and who make an extra effort to ensure the plant stays operational providing light and heat to their families and friends.

The winners are (in no particular order): James Bright Jr., of Goodnews Bay, Evan Hunt of Kotlik, Brian Ekada of Nulato, Joe Kosenikoff of Russion Mission, William Parks of Gambell, Rudy Hamilton of Shageluk, Frank Brown of Eek, Walter Joshua of Eek, Robert Nicholas of Kaltag, and Andrew Nakarak of Shaktoolik.

When considering who to honor, we consider the efforts our plant operators make throughout the whole year, not just every now and then. The top operators were selected based on some of the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to requests for assistance from consumers and AVEC personnel.
  • Performing duties satisfactorily, including routine maintenance.
  • Running the most efficient generator to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Keeping the day tank full of fuel.
  • Total hours of unscheduled power outages.
  • Keeping the plant clean and an inventory of normal routine maintenance materials on hand. Turning in completed paperwork.
  • Failure to keep the day tank full of fuel automatically disqualifies a plant operator from consideration.

Congratulations go to each of the winners. We truly appreciate the effort and dedication of all of our power plant operators. They play a critical role in AVEC’s success.