Energy Education

AVEC Renewable Energy Projects

AVEC is continuously seeking opportunities to build more efficient power generation facilities that include renewable energy and shared power sources throughout the communities it serves. Visit out Projects page for more information about AVEC’s renewable energy projects.

Save Money

Are you interested in reducing your energy use and your electric bill? There are many things you can do to make your home more energy efficient. Click here for ideas.

Be Prepared

Natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding are common in Alaska. The majority of the AVEC communities are off the road system making access to critical care a logistical challenge. Power disruptions are sometimes prolonged because of weather, logistics and transportation. Click here for ideas on how to keep you and your family safe and prepared.


For information about electrical home wiring and where AVEC’s responsibility ends and the consumer’s responsibility begins, check out the links below.

Installing Solar

There are many factors to consider before installing a solar photovoltaic system. Customers are encouraged to do their research to determine if a PV system makes sense. Be sure to check with AVEC’s Operation Department (or your utility) to be sure the solar equipment that you are considering will meet the requirements allowable on the grid.

The links below provide general information about solar energy.