Rates & Understanding Your Bill

Your bill is calculated using your total kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity consumed multiplied by a specific rate. This rate varies by the amount of electricity consumed, the cost of fuel for your community, and (for residential customers) the allowable Power Cost Equalization (PCE) adjustment approved for your community.

The basic equations are below.

Rate Tables

Residential Customers

  • For 1-750 kWh consumed:
    Rate = (Energy Charge + Cost of Fuel) – (PCE Adjustment)
  • Over 750 kWh consumed:
    Rate = (Energy Charge + Cost of Fuel)

To look up the rate for your community (as well as specific fuels costs and PCE rates), see the Residential Rates.

PCE funding is governed by Alaska State Statute (42.45.110), and rates are approved by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

To look up the generating efficiency for your community, see the Generating Efficiency Per Village Chart.

Small Commercial Customers

  • For 1-700 kWh consumed:
    Rate = (Energy Charge + Cost of Fuel)
  • Over 700 kWh consumed:
    Rate = (Energy Charge + Cost of Fuel)

To look up the rate for your village (as well as specific fuels costs), view the Small Commercial Rates sheet.

Community Facilities

Contact your AVEC representative for rate information.

Do you have an account that you want to be evaluated to receive PCE under the Community Facility bracket? If so, you will need to complete the PCE Community Facility Information Sheet (PDF) and provide the required backup for each service.

Once the PCE Information sheet is completed, and the needed backup is ready, fax your completed application to AVEC at 1-800-478-2389 or email us.

Other Fees

  • Some communities assess city sales tax to electrical usage.
  • If a service is billed on a demand meter there will be a demand charge assessed (charge derived by the highest draw from the generator during a 15-minute interval throughout the month).
  • If your account becomes past due, late fees apply.