Alaska Village Electric Cooperative’s (AVEC’s) service territory is spread over 58 remote villages that are electrically isolated from one another, with the exception of 10 locations that receive power via interties. Upgrading generating facilities in each of our small villages is cost-prohibitive so AVEC builds interties between communities where it’s more economically feasible than upgrading both power plants.

Facilities Maintenance

Maintenance and improvement upgrades of power plant and bulk fuel systems such as engine overhauls and replacements, refurbishing and replacing fuel tanks are continuously performed by AVEC. These projects are funded with a combination of in-house money and grant funds provided by the Denali Commission.


Advancements in technology has lead to more efficient power powerplants. New automated switchgear will automatically select the most efficient engine to run and when combined with other power systems such as wind, will determine how much wind generation can be allowed on the system.


Over the last 20 years, AVEC’s understanding of wind as a renewable energy source has expanded, along with our wind fleet and turbine sizes. AVEC owns the largest wind fleet in Alaska with 32 wind turbines at 14 different sites, powering 20 communities.

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