November 2021 Back Page – Giving Thanks

Posted: November 1, 2021

I could fill the page with the names of people that make our cooperative great, and that is just with people whose names I know. The coop’s members and employees immediately come to mind but people around the state contribute to keeping the lights on. From the baggage handler at the airport to the material suppliers in Anchorage. From the state and federal agencies that provide funding for capital projects to the plant operators that commit time every day to make sure the installations are well cared for. From the accountants and auditors that assure money is smartly spent to the elders who make their
monthly payments with only a limited income. It is with humbling gratitude that I appreciate all the people and workings of this great state that assist directly or
indirectly in helping us provide safe, reliable electricity to our members.

Outside my door at home there is a gravel driveway. Depending on which way I turn at the top of that driveway I can end up surrounded by wilderness or in the heart of the largest city in Alaska. Daily life often narrows my vision and the great wealth of my surroundings can be taken for granted. There is an abundance; both of the natural environment that sustains us and of human innovation developed to make life easier. I am thankful for the forces that have lodged our planet in an orbit that supports life and for all the wonders we get to experience.

Winter is often a time for gathering and celebration. Again, this year we are all challenged with navigating more than just weather and schedules to bring family together. We have not yet conquered the coronavirus, and we continue to make tough choices to keep our friends and families healthy. All of us have been impacted by COVID-19 and all of us have benefitted from the outstanding efforts of health care professionals. Those that work to provide medicines and that care for our health should always be on the list for gratitude. The past two years have highlighted their gifts. I am thankful for the care that healthcare workers always provide and for the bravery and endurance they have exhibited through this pandemic.

Thank you for your membership in AVEC. May you all have a happy Thanksgiving and a healthy holiday season.

Until next time,

Bill Stamm