Important Update on AVEC’s Mail In Election

Posted: April 14, 2021

The results of Alaska Village Electric Cooperative’s mail-in vote have been announced.  The membership has re-elected the three incumbent board members, Phyllis Clough, Peter Demoski, and Helena Jones to another three year term.  In statements at the regular board meeting, all three Directors expressed gratitude to the membership for its confidence and continued support.

The membership also approved the two ballot measures to amend the Bylaws to allow for electronic notification for meetings and participation in meetings via teleconference. Votes were received and counted from more than 13% of the Cooperatives 8,033 members.

The results of AVEC’s election are as follows:

Name                                                              Votes

Phyllis Clough 788
Peter Demonski 830
Homer Hunter, Jr. 664
Helena Jones 884

Therefore, the three individual candidates receiving the highest number of votes are as follows:

  • Helena Jones
  • Peter Demonski
  • Phyllis Clough

Proposition No. 1: Electronic Participation in Meetings

Yes No
980 84

Proposition No. 2: Electronic Notices of Meetings

Yes No
836 83

Thank you to all of our members who took the time to vote. Thanks also go out to the candidates who ran for election.