AVEC’s 50th Annual Meeting Recap

Posted: May 9, 2019

AVEC held its 50th Annual Meeting on April 10th, 2019 at the Lakefront Millennium Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks to our chairpersons’ efforts, all but seven communities held a meeting.

Early Bird Drawing Winners

Elsie Cheemuk of St. Michael won the $150 Early Bird drawing for holding a November meeting. John Mark of Quinhagak won $100 for holding a December meeting. Alissa Rogers of Bethel won $50 for holding a January meeting.

Hot Topics Discussion Sessions

The past several years we engaged the delegates in visioning sessions intended to increase the delegates’ knowledge of AVEC’s operations, construction programs and challenges we face every day.

The process allows delegates to interact directly with managers, board members and staff, all working together to fulfill AVEC’s mission to be the best Alaskan utility.

The delegates and staff sat at round tables to discuss a list of relevant “Hot Topics.” These topics included Power Cost Equalization, capital credits, scholarships, membership questions, communication tools, damages and insurance, electrical work on home, local workforce issues, recovered heat, disposing of old equipment, collaborating on grants, online resources and street lights.

Each table reported their findings to the whole room. The results of these collaborative sessions will help the board of directors shape their strategic planning later this year. The delegates liked this process and were active in the discussions.

Board Election

A nominating committee met and selected the following four candidates to run for the two board seats up for election:

  • Phyllis Clough
  • Nathan Moulton
  • Fred Sagoonick
  • Walter Sampson

A total of 1,490 valid ballots were received. Incumbents Walter Sampson and Fred Sagoonick were elected. The results of the Board Officers election are:

  • Fred Sagoonick – Chair
  • Robert Beans – Vice Chair
  • Peter Demoski – Treasurer
  • Helena Jones – Secretary.

Thanks go to the Nominating Committee for their efforts to find qualified candidates:

  • Clarence Dull
  • Zora Inga
  • James Karasti
  • Bryan Rookuk
  • Darrel Vent
  • Mathew Waskey
  • Caleb Wesley.

Top 10 Power Plant Operators

The following 2018 Top 10 Power Plant Operators of the Year were announced:

  • Evan Hunt of Kotlik
  • William Parks of Gambel
  • Francis Nollner of Huslia
  • Daniel Tunutmoak Jr. of Scammon Bay
  • Edward Twitchell of Kasigluk
  • Peter Lincoln and Freddie John of Toksook Bay
  • Mariann David of Mekoryuk
  • David Peterson of Mt. Village
  • Rick Andrews of Emmonak.

Congratulations and a huge expression of appreciation go out to these hard-working folks whose daily efforts keep the lighs on in their communities!

We would also like to recognize long-term plant operator Evan Newman of Holy Cross who retired after 35 years.