February 2019 Back Page — Evan Newman is retiring!

Posted: February 1, 2019

Evan Newman holding a large set of antlersHoly Cross is one of AVEC’s smaller communities with a population of 155 in a beautiful area in the Yukon-Koyukuk district. The Newman family has lived in Holy Cross for generations and Evan has been a power plant operator for at least 35 years. When he hangs up his hat in early February, I am quite certain he will have a very difficult time staying away from the power plant!

Evan was born in February 1953. His father, Maurice, was a plant operator before him and taught Evan skills that have been a great asset for AVEC and the community through today. Selected as Power Plant Operator of the Year on more than one occasion, Evan’s commitment and dedication are legendary.

Everyone at AVEC knows Evan and he is known for his punctuality, attention to quality and dedication to his community. He was always an eager participant in any training opportunities that came his way. He is known for his excellent work ethic and eagerness to learn at every opportunity.

AVEC’s field employees have complimented Evan numerous times over the years, saying he truly cares about doing a good job and he puts in extra effort to make things better. One example is when Evan noticed that vehicles driving on the dirt road past the power plant kicked up a lot of dust that covered everything in the power plant, including the engine air filters. He hauled water to the power plant and sprinkled water on the dirt road to keep the dust down. He also hung signs asking folks to please slow down driving past the plant as the dust that got kicked up was affecting the generators. He even brought in extra dirt to fill some of the potholes on the dirt road.

Good luck in your retirement Evan—we are all going to miss you!

Meera Kohler
President and CEO