July 2018 Back Page – Celebrating Emil Henry:

Posted: July 1, 2018

Emil Henry Sr.—better known as Alu —retired June 3. He worked for AVEC in Kiana, then in Ambler and then back in Kiana for 38 years. Emil had an incredible record of keeping the lights on!

Emil started with AVEC in Kiana in September 1980. He and his family moved to Ambler in 1997 because his wife was from there, and then moved back to Kiana in September 2004. Emil raised his family in Kiana and has been the power plant operator there ever since, for a total of 31 years. With his retirement pending, we have hired Emil’s daughter, Kemberly, as a power plant operator, and his son, Emil Jr., as a substitute power plant operator with specialized training to do fuel transfers.

Emil has left an enduring legacy in Kiana. After all these years of missing out on the subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering that his family depends upon, he is finally retiring so he can go to fish camp all summer and enjoy all his close-knit family’s activities. We wish him the very best in his well-deserved retirement!