St. Mary’s

The St. Mary’s/ Pitka’s Point Wind Energy Project installed one Emergya Wind Technologies (EWT) 900 kw turbine between St. Mary’s and Pitka’s Point. The wind turbine began producing power on January 5, 2019. STG and their subcontractor Northern Power Constructors made quick work of the access road, foundation, turbine installation, modifications to the existing distribution system and installing transformers to have the turbine operational the beginning of 2019. Even with production being originally capped at the output of 150 kW, members in St. Mary’s, Andreafsky and Pitka’s Point saw a total cost savings of $319,559 from fuel offset in the first year.

In 2020, the wind turbine was given a little more freedom to generate with the energization of the tie line to Mountain Village and generated 1,912,159 kWh which contributed to 50% of the power produced. This amounts to $355,000 in displaced fuel costs. AVEC is constantly seeking out opportunities to reduce fuel consumption by increasing generation efficiency.

For more information about the St. Mary’s/ Pitka’s Point Wind Energy Project, check out the February 2020 edition of Ruralite.