Per AVEC’s bylaws, the nomination of candidates for board seats is the responsibility of a nominating committee appointed by the AVEC Board of Directors. The committee was appointed in November 2023, and met twice via teleconference to complete its assignment. Three directors Phyllis Clough from Old Harbor, Helena Jones from Ambler, and Peter Demoski from Nulato are coming to the end of their terms in April 2024. They are all eligible for reelection.  Four additional candidates submitted applications or petitions in accordance with AVEC’s bylaws.

Elections are held by mail beginning in February.  Every AVEC member will receive election material in the mail.  Ballots need to be completed, signed, returned, and received in Anchorage no later than April 17, 2024 at 5 P.M., to be counted.  Below are statements from the seven candidates asking to get your vote.  Each member gets to choose three candidates this year.  Complete election information will be included with the ballots that will be mailed in late February.

Members of the nominating committee were selected form the the list of village delegates. Serving this year were:

  • Gerry Alexie, Mountain Village
  • Annie Weyiouanna, Shishmaref
  • Jack Endicott, Yakutat
  • Darla Jemewouk, Elim
  • Gabriel Wilson, Scammon Bay
  • Arthur Redfox, Emmonak

The nominating committee, under the chairmanship of Gerry Alexie, has submitted the following candidates for your consideration:

Phyllis Clough, Old Harbor

Phyllis was initially voted to the board in 2003 and has served for all but three years since.  She has often been and is currently serving as Secretary. Phyllis’ Statement: “It has been an honor to serve and represent our unique and resilient rural communities. As a native of Old Harbor, my heart is firmly planted in our shared values and challenges.  Throughout my tenure, I have witnessed the transformative power of stable electricity in improving our lives – from better healthcare and education to increased economic opportunities. My commitment has always been to ensure that our cooperative upholds its promise of reliability and progress, especially across our large and rugged landscape. In my role as delegate, I have focused on having a strong partnership between AVEC and our village governments, speaking up for important upgrades of our power systems, and representing the voices of our village residents. This is more than a job for me – it’s a passion driven by the love for my community and a deep sense of responsibility towards our future generations.  I am hopeful about the possibilities in front of us. With your support, I am excited to continue this journey, ensuring tha’ the voices and needs of Old Harbor and all our villages are not just heard but acted upon with care and priority.  I humbly ask for your vote, trusting in our shared vision for a brighter, more sustainable future for all our communities.  With heartfelt gratitude and hope, Quyanna.”

Peter Demoski , Nulato

Peter has been on the AVEC board for 12 years and has served as Treasurer for most of that time.  Peter’s Statement: “I want to serve on the AVEC Board of Directors because it is important to remember when AVEC began providing electricity in our villages and the challenges that were encountered.  What is the relationship between AVEC and you, the shareholder?  We all know the relationship and I’d like to reiterate it both for you older Directors and especially for you younger Directors.  AVEC’s responsibility is to provide continuous electricity for us.  Since the 1960’s, electricity has transformed the lives of every resident in every one of AVEC’s villages.  Some communities are employing methods to reduce their electricity costs.  Some are using wind towers, and some are using solar panels.  These are proven methods to eventually decrease the electricity costs for individual households.  AVEC needs to continue to install these cost saving measures in all our villages.  Our costs for groceries and heating fuel are already way above what city dwellers pay.  Let us encourage AVEC to pursue and install cost saving measures in all our villages.”

Martha Foster, Twin Hills

Martha became an AVEC member in September 2023 when AVEC welcomed Twin Hills to the family of communities served by AVEC.  Martha’s Statement: “Our village is new to AVEC and I would like to be a Board of Director.  I am a lifelong rural villager and know village electrical needs.  I am a team player, and I can be a reliable Board of Director for AVEC.  Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.”

Helena Jones, Ambler

Helena has been a board director since 1982.  She has acted as Secretary, Treasurer, and is currently Vice-Chair.  Helena’s Statement:  “In 1982 I was elected as a village delegate from Ambler.  That year at annual meeting I was elected to the board (only woman as a board member).  That same year I was elected to Regional school board for Northwest Arctic.  In 1982 there was about 30 plus AVEC villages.  We have our annual meetings at our AVEC headquarters.  Today the building is too small for 59 village delegates to have our annual meetings.  In my 40 years of service, I’ve seen AVEC grow and improve.  I am proud to say I helped build AVEC to a strong and positive co-op.  AVEC ties the members together.  Before AVEC older members know what its like to be without electricity (I am one of them).  Our growth includes many improvements, a few are, wind and solar power projects, interties, reliable electricity, heat pumps, local hire, two barges.  To me the biggest improvement we did was the two barges AVEC bought along with Vitus.

Our biggest loss was one of our long-standing board member Robert Beans, many years as chairman.  May he Rest in Peace.  Because of your support I am the longest sitting board member, also AVEC’s walking history.  Hopefully, new Board members will stay and guide AVEC into the future with me.  Although I serve 40 years as AVEC board member, I feel that my work and dedication to AVEC is not done yet.  So I would appreciate your vote and support.  Thank you, Helena Jones”

Christina Perrigo, Elim

Christina submitted a nomination form and a petition with ten AVEC member’s signatures supporting her candidacy.    Christina’s Statement: “I am currently living in Nome, Alaska. When I moved here over 50 years ago, I was employed by a local grocery and hardware store, then served as a radio station volunteer before marrying into Elim. My husband and I raised three children. After his death, I worked for the Bering Straits School District in the local school and later as a clerk at the City of Elim. I spent 7 years in Sitka supporting my teenage children while attending Mt. Edgecumbe High School. There I worked fulltime with the Sitka School District, then at MEHS as the Home School Coordinator until moving back to the Norton Sound area. Remarrying, my husband and I relocated to Nome where I worked at Nome Public Schools for 20 years as a Middle/High School administrative assistant. Over the years, I have had board experience for various organizations. I am presently serving as secretary of the Alaska Conference Board of the Covenant Church. I enjoy my family, sewing, and harvesting/preparing subsistence foods. Each summer brings our family back to Elim (my primary home for 25 years) to spend time at our fish camp and reconnect with extended family.  Thank you – Christina.”


Michael P. Peters, Marshall

Michael was a candidate last year and submitted a nomination form again this year.  Michael’s Statement: “I am interested in being a Board Director.  My name is Michael Peters, son of late Axenia and George Peters of Holy Cross where I was born and raised. My late partner Gloria A. Fitka (deceased) and I lived in Marshall for more than 30 years. I served on Deloycheet, Inc. (Holy Cross Village Corporation) as the Vice President and Land Committee. I am a retired certified crew boss and heavy equipment operator. I worked for Donlin Creek, Osborne Construction, Marshall Airport and for 12 years with honorable discharge with the Army National Guard Nulato AK Company. I also serve on the Marshall City Council and previously as the Vice Mayor, local school board president, chairman of the Yukon River Drainage Y-2 Marshall board member and Marshall school laborer. BLM shipping and sending manager, Tanana Fire Service. Live in the Village. Rural.”

Bryan Rookok Jr., Savoonga

Bryan was appointed to vacant seat on the AVEC board in 2019 and served to the end of the term.  He is now seeking to be elected by the membership.  Bryan’s Statement: “I am interested to continue my advocacy for affordable and reliable electric energy for our electric company and its membership. I have been an AVEC, Inc., Board of Director in the recent past and I have met requirements offered to keep abreast of the everchanging environment for the electricity being served to diverse communities.  We need to more than ever grow as a family due to the challenges we have been facing, i.e. keeping the Power Cost Equalization (PCE), state and federal government cuts, climate change, renovations of sites needing upgrades, keeping the reduced rates of energy costs down to affordable rates and improve quality of life.

I have been a 13 year village delegate from our membership in Savoonga, an annual community meeting chair, an alternate representative for our regional non-profits, board of director for our village corporation, as well as some other local and regional committees and commissions and a cochair for one of the committees.  I am optimistic to support and help as best of my abilities representing the widest possible geographical distribution to each and every communities of AVEC, Inc. membership.  Thank you very much for your continued support and confidence.”