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Homer Hunter Jr

Scammon Bay

I was born and raised in Scammon Bay to the late Homer Hunter, Sr formerly of Hooper Bay and the late Rosalie Ulak of Scammon Bay.

About 1970 and 1971, I began seeing changes happening in my community. There were three project developments taking place. I think when Public Health Service (PHS) was planning a piped water and sewer system, AVEC came on the scene with the construction of power plant and placement of fuel tanks and power poles and lines. Shortly after that, State DOT began construction of an airport. I must say that AVEC through installation of electricity and lights was responsible for accelerating the other two projects that were happening simultaneously in my village. Regarding my education, I attended four years of high school and graduated in 1977 at the former missionary boarding school in St. Mary’s, Alaska. I give credit to my late mother who suggested that I attend high school at St. Mary’s Mission and because her younger brother, my uncle, Anthony Ulak, had graduated from St. Mary’s Mission High School.

I served in the Alaska Army National Guard for 13 years with the 2nd Scout Battalion in my unit and attended Primary Leadership Development Course and Basic Non-commissioned Officer training at Camp Carrol, Ft. Richardson, Alaska in 1989-90. I have held different village administrative jobs. In 2018, I graduated from UAF Kuskokwim Campus with an A.A.S. degree in accounting. I am currently pursuing a BA in Rural Development (online) with the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


I am running for the AVEC Board of Director for one of two vacant seats because I believe I will effectively work with the board and management in continuing to improve the AVEC member communities in addressing unmet or underserved needs in all 58 AVEC member villages. AVEC also needs to collaborate with other rural utilities and seek permanent protection of power cost equalization (PCE) endowment fund through the State legislative process.

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Bryan Rookok Jr.


I am from Savoonga, Alaska. After receiving formal education at the BIA Savoonga Day School and Savoonga High School I went to University of Alaska Fairbanks and Anchorage. I’ve been working as a contractor for State of Alaska DOTP/F as an Airport Maintenance Personnel for the past 7 years and worked various construction over the years. I have experience in fields to the level of administrative positions for the tribal and village corporations. I was appointed to AVEC Inc. Board of Director’s for a vacant seat after being a local membership delegate from my village for 13 years.


I am interested to continue my advocacy for affordable and reliable electric energy for our ever growing electric company. I want to be a part of the Board of Director’s who are working together and assuring one of the most affordable and safest services to its membership. So, I am optimistic to keep on supporting, and help represent the widest possible geographical distribution to each and every community. I have met the required courses offered to keep
in front of the ever changing electricity environment and will find ways to address the issues in a timely manner/ thank you for your support and confidence.

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Fred Sagoonick


I was born at Shaktoolik, raised in Unalakleet, and went to high school at Unalakleet, Mt. Edgecumbe, and Nome High. After high school, I joined the Navy, worked on the TransAlaska Pipeline as a pipefitter apprentice, did seasonal work as a fisherman, plumber, carpenter, and heavy equipment operator. I was
the Shaktoolik Native Corporation General Manager until my retirement in 2017, served on both the traditional and city councils in Shaktoolik and am currently a Board member of Bering Straits Native Corporation and a commercial fisherman in the Norton Sound region as well as a member of AVEC’s Board of Directors.


Although we have made great strides in improving the efficiency of AVEC and in helping to keep our operating and costs per kilowatt hour down, we must be ever vigilant in striving to keep those costs down. We look to renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, as a means to offset some of our fuel costs in many of our villages and in trying to identify new technologies that can help us in that area. We are ever mindful of the importance of PCE in our rural communities and continue to support and lobby for its’ funding. It has been a real privilege to represent you since 2009 and I would appreciate your support to continue to serve you as a Board member in our Cooperative. Thank you.

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