Togiak’s New Power Plant is Operational

Posted: January 1, 2019
This is a panoramic view of Togiak’s new, automated, fuel-efficient power plant. The plant has a total generating capacity of 2,687 kW powered by these engines: two Caterpillar 3456 engines rated at 570 kW, one Caterpillar 3512 rated at 1102 kW, and a Caterpillar 3456 rated at 445 kW. Andy Horazdovsky of CRW Engineering Group provided most of the photos.

AVEC’s newest fuel-efficient power plant, located in Togiak, underwent a substantial completion inspection on November 1, 2018 and has been running smoothly. This project consisted of constructing AVEC’s power plant as well as bulk fuel tank farms for AVEC, Togiak Natives Ltd. and the City. Denali Commission funding paid for most of AVEC’s power plant and a new tank farm pad for all three entities. Alaska Energy Authority contributed funding for the City tank farm and TNL obtained the rest of the funding they needed. AVEC provided overall project management.

This new plant replaces the old power plant that consisted of a 1970s vintage Butler Building housing two generator sets and a second steel frame module containing a third generator. A fourth generator was in another module. The components such as feeder and switchgear were in poor condition. Constructing a new power plant was more cost effective than doing the many upgrades necessary to the old facility. The new power plant is designed to meet community power demands for the project planning period and is equipped to integrate renewables, the Twin Hills intertie in the future and heat recovery.

A big thank you goes out to two organizations that provided funding for these much-needed projects that increase AVEC’s reliability and generating efficiency. The Denali Commission awarded AVEC $8.9 million and the Alaska Energy Authority provided $230,000 specific to the city and $900,000 to AVEC. We truly appreciate their partnership and outstanding contributions to improving the lifestyles of our members.

AVEC’s new bulk fuel tank farm has twelve 30,000-gallon horizontal single-wall tanks located within a lined, earthen, secondary containment system. The facility is fenced.
A view of the original bulk fuel tank farm. The old vertical tanks (BIA tanks) were cleaned and rendered useless. The horizontal tanks were cleaned.
The distribution system also required major upgrades.
Position #4 (foreground) is a Caterpillar 3456 rated at 445 kW. Position #3 is a Caterpillar 3512 rated at 1,102 kW.
Engines are controlled by a complex system of switchgear and control panels. This plant features the relatively new ComAp generator controllers designed by AVEC engineers.
An aerial view of Togiak’s new power plant and tank farm.
The original, 48-year-old plant will be retired.