AVEC Celebrates 50 Years of Providing Power

Posted: December 1, 2018

1968 – 2018

AVEC held a contest to design a special 50th Anniversary logo. There wasn’t much response but we received two amazing entries we are sharing as they are very detailed and show the creative skills these artists possess. We thank Gordon Takak of Elim and Evan Newman of Holy Cross for taking the time to create these unique drawings. If these men are as skilled at keeping the lights on as they are at creating detailed artwork, our power plants in Elim and Holy Cross are in good hands!

hand drawn 50th anniversary logo
Gordon Takak, a power plant operator in Elim, created this detailed drawing by hand.
Worker climbs utility pole while various wildlife looks on. Text: AVEC keeps the power on regardless of what goes on.
Evan Newman, a power plant operator in Holy Cross, submitted this intricate artwork. The original drawing is in color. Unfortunately some of his artwork got cut off during scanning due to the large paper size he used.