Mt. Village

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Mountain Village is on the north bank of the Yukon River, approximately 20 miles west of St. Mary’s and 470 miles northwest of Anchorage. It is at the foot of the 500′ Azachorok Mountain, the first mountain encountered by those traveling up the Yukon. Mountain Village was a summer fish camp until the opening of a general store in 1908. This prompted residents of Liberty Landing and Johnny’s Place to immigrate. A Covenant Church missionary school was also built in that same year. A post office was established in 1923, followed by a salmon saltery in 1956 and a cannery in 1964. All three have since ceased operating. The City government was incorporated in 1967. Mountain Village became a regional education center in 1976 when it was selected as headquarters for the Lower Yukon School District.


Original power plant

Mt Village Winter Pole Work

Winter distribution work, climbing power pole

Mt Village New Engine

New engine