Brevig Mission

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Brevig Mission is located at the mouth of Shelman Creek on Port Clarence, 5 miles northwest of Teller and 65 miles northwest of Nome. The Kauwerak Eskimos in this area lived in migratory communities in pursuit of hunting and fishing grounds, and traded furs with Siberia, Little Diomede and King Island. They formed alliances with Wales, Little Diomede and others for protection. The “Teller Reindeer Station” opened near this site in 1892; it was operated by theU.S. government until 1900. The Norwegian Rev. Tollef L. Brevig, a pioneer Lutheran missionary, began serving the reindeer station on August 1, 1894, as pastor and teacher to the Laplanders and Eskimos. Rev. Brevig traveled between villages by dog team along the beach, and often performed services in Nome. A Lutheran Mission was constructed at the present site in 1900, and the village became known as “Teller Mission.” The mission was given 100 reindeer on a five-year loan from the Government. By 1906, the Government’s role had diminished, and the mission became dominant. In 1963, the Brevig Mission post office was established. The City was incorporated in 1969. Reindeer were the economic base of this community until 1974, but the industry has since declined. A new bulk fuel tank farm and automated, fuel-efficient power plant were completed in 2010.


New power plant

Brevig Mission – Installing New Fuel Tank