Shungnak Power Plant

In 2020, a major overhaul of the Shungnak power plant was completed. Three engines with marine manifolds, three generators and automated switchgear were installed. The installation will not only improve the diesel efficiency and provide for additional heat recovery, but also makes it possible to integrate renewable energy generation.
The automated switchgear will help dispatch the new gensets to work in conjunction with power created by a solar array and battery being installed by Northwest Arctic Borough. The new programable logic controllers and high-speed communications will allow the power stored in the battery to supplement the power created by the diesel generators, and solar array, working as a hybrid system. Alaska Village Electric Cooperative received funding through the Rural Utility Service High Energy Cost Grant program for this project.

More information about this project can be found in the September 2020 edition of Ruralite.

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New engine controllers and distribution breakers in Shungnak. Photo by Aimie Morgan