Kivalina Evacuation Road’s New Power Line

Northwest Arctic Borough School District and the Northwest Arctic Borough Village Improvement Fund provided funding for the three-phase overhead power line constructed in Kivalina. NWABSD plans to build a new K-12 school at the end of the new 8-mile gravel road to Kisimigiukthk Hill, or K-Hill.  Alaska Village Electric Cooperative will provide power for the new school on K-Hill.  Errico Electrical Engineering LLC designed the line extension which consists of 153 poles with average spans of 270 feet. Because of poorly drained permafrost soil, 191 steel piles were installed to support the poles and anchors. The intertie was built with 25- kilovolt insulation, but will be energized at 12.47 kV.

The total intertie project cost is estimated at $4.6 million. AVEC is grateful for the opportunity to continue providing power to all Kivalina members. Collaboration with local, borough, state and federal agencies was pivotal for making this project happen. Summer 2021, AVEC crews will install circuits on existing poles in town near the power plant to better balance the loads expected at K-Hill.

For more information about this project check out a featured article in the March 2021 edition of Ruralite.