How to Vote with Your Mail-in Ballot

To vote, check the box next to the names of three (3) of the candidates on your ballot card.  Place the ballot card in the ballot envelope and place the sealed ballot envelope in the postage-paid return envelope.  Sign the outside of the return envelope where indicated.

Signing Your Ballot Return Envelope

When signing your ballot return envelope, please follow these instructions carefully.

  • If the membership is owned by a person, that person should sign his or her name on the signature line as it appears on the mailing label.
  • If the membership is owned jointly/by two or more persons, only one of the joint owners needs to sign.
  • If the membership is owned by a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity, including the estate of a deceased person, the person signing must place his or her signature on the signature line and indicate his or her title or legal representative capacity on the title line. For example:
    • a person signing for a partnership should sign “your personal name” on the signature line and “Partner” on the title line.
    • a person signing for a corporation should sign “your personal name” on the signature line and “President” (or other office) on the title line.
  • If the member is deceased, the personal representative of the estate should sign his or her name on the signature line, and state “(your personal name) Personal Representative of (deceased person’s name),” on the title line;
  • If a member is unable to write a signature, his or her mark will be accepted if a witness is present and signs “(name of person) is unable to sign but made his or her mark as his or her intended signature in my presence. (your personal name), witness.”

Mailing Your Ballot

Use the postage-paid return envelope provided. Sign the back of the envelope before mailing. Ballots are mailed directly to the counting company’s post office box: P.O. Box 240529, Anchorage, AK 99524.

Vote Early

To be valid, mail ballots must be received at the post office box no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 17, 2024. Proxy voting is not permitted. Signed ballot return envelopes will be opened and counted by the accounting firm of BDO. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Delegates on April 18, 2024, and on the website.

For More Information or Assistance

If you need clarification on balloting procedures, call AVEC at 1-800-478-1818. If you need translation assistance, please contact your local city office or tribal office.