Members Urged to Attend Community Meetings

Posted: January 5, 2022

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative is a member-owned utility that values the voice of those it serves. Members who attend their annual community meetings influence how the cooperative provides electric service. Attending a community meeting takes time, but know that your participation makes a difference in how AVEC delivers power.
Although it is the responsibility of the community chairman and secretary to organize and conduct the community meeting, members should take pride in knowing their involvement matters. It is critical to good governance and enhancing AVEC’s ability to meet your needs.

Member attendance at community meetings is required to establish a quorum and elect a delegate to represent the community at the annual cooperative meeting. During the annual meeting, delegates present to the board of directors, fellow delegates and management the resolutions signed at their community meeting. AVEC’s board and management take all community resolutions seriously and work to resolve any issues.

The directors and AVEC staff dutifully review and discuss resolutions and issues recorded at community meetings and explore ways to improve AVEC services.

Every member who attends their community meeting receives a $25 credit on their electric bill and has a chance to win door prizes. Additional credits ranging from $50 to $250 are disbursed at the chairman’s
discretion during the meeting, and members are entered to win a grand prize drawing for a $500 credit at the annual meeting.

AVEC’s annual meeting is set for April 13 in Anchorage. It would be great to have delegates from all 58 communities present. Delegate representation at the annual meeting is dependent on each community holding its community meeting before March 1.

AVEC member service representatives are available to help prepare the meetings and provide meeting materials, teleconference support and prizes for member participation.

For questions, please contact your community chairman or AVEC’s Julie Pierce at 800-478-1818.