Enclosed in your 2022 Election Information materials you will find four (4) proposed amendments to AVEC’s Bylaws. The amendments have been unanimously recommended by the Board of Directors for your approval. As a member, it is up to you and your fellow AVEC members to decide whether these amendments should be approved. The deadline for AVEC to receive your mail-in ballot is April 14, 2022. Election results will be announced on April 15, 2022 and posted on the website at

The AVEC Board of Directors believes that these amendments will improve AVEC’s Bylaws and governance process by clarifying certain existing AVEC procedures and improving others. The full text of the changes are enclosed on the attached pages. A summary of the changes and why the Board believes they are needed follows:

Proposition No. 1: Annual Community Meeting Procedures (PDF)

Proposition No. 1 would update AVEC annual community meeting procedures and clarify when communities that miss their annual community meetings can send a delegate to the annual meeting of the delegates. It also clarifies the number of delegates who must participate in the annual meeting of the delegates to obtain quorum.

Proposition No. 2: Annual and Special Meeting Procedures (PDF)

Proposition 2 improves and clarifies the procedures for annual and special meetings. It clarifies that the annual Cooperative meeting has both a delegate meeting and member voting by mail/electronically. It updates meeting notice requirements to be consistent with applicable law.

Proposition No. 3: Director Nomination by Member Petition (PDF)

Traditionally, AVEC Director candidates have been nominated by a committee selected by the Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors. This proposition would add a new option for nomination by member petition to Article IV, Section 3. If Proposition 3 passes, director candidates will be able to be nominated by the committee or by a petition signed by ten AVEC members.

Proposition No. 4: Update to Inclusive Language and Correct Minor Errors (PDF)

Proposition 4 would update language to make it more inclusive and avoid using male or female pronouns. It also corrects errors in Art. V, Section 8 (removes telephonic special Board meeting rule limiting to a single topic) and Art. XIV (deletes reference to amending Article VIII and makes the sentence complete).

The Board of Directors strongly encourages you to vote for the directors of your choice and to vote in favor of these Bylaw amendments. If you have any questions or concerns about these Bylaw amendments, please feel free to contact me or any of your other Board members.


Fred Sagoonick
Chairman, Board of Director