Vitus Marine To The Rescue!

Posted: August 19, 2020

Dennis McLean (left), Vitus Marine, hands over hand sanitizer to Robert Tokeinna Jr., Wales Alternate Power Plant Operator. AVEC tug Cavek in the background.

AVEC was in a bind, trying to ship hand sanitizer to our power plants across the state and running into major roadblocks with the postal service as well as all of the air cargo companies. The challenge was the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer. That is when Vitus Marine stepped into the breach.  “We visit all your communities,” they said, “why don’t we deliver hand sanitizer for you?”

We were so very grateful for their offer of assistance and even more grateful when they insisted on providing and delivering the shipments without charge to AVEC. That generosity reflects the deep relationship that we have with Vitus.  When we have a pressing need that Vitus can help with, they are there for us.  Thank you!