PCE Update as of August 1, 2019

Posted: August 1, 2019

Electric bills for the month of July will be issued tomorrow, August 2. We do not have final confirmation on whether or not PCE is funded for FY20 but we are assured by the recent action of the legislature and the Governor’s press release that funding will become available. We WILL be posting PCE credits on the July bills. The Governor’s statement is below:

SB 2002:

“While months overdue, today’s (July 28, 2019) action represents an important step in the Legislature bringing this gridlock to an end,” said Governor Dunleavy. “My team and I will be thoroughly reviewing the details of this bill, but believe it represents significant progress in moving Alaska forward, particularly for items like the Alaska Performance Scholarship, WWAMI, PCE, and efforts to capture more than $1 billion in federal transportation and infrastructure dollars – critical to keeping our economy growing and our communities moving. Somewhat lost in the political theater, this package also provides critical funding to implement HB 49, legislation that provides Alaska the tools and resources to improve public safety. While sentencing is one important aspect in addressing Alaska’s public safety crisis, supporting our law enforcement agencies with the resources they need to do their job is a cornerstone of this administration. While I intend to sign SB2002, I will exercise my line-item veto authority where necessary.”