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Posted: August 5, 2015

– – Moses Paukan Sr. Hangs up His Headphones!:

Moses Paukan Sr. started working for AVEC as a power plant operator in 1974, just five years after St. Mary’s became the eighth village in AVEC’s young family. Moses grew along with AVEC, becoming St. Mary’s mayor, serving on the local school board, serving a stint as chairman of the Association of Village Council Presidents and wearing many other hats during his long tenure.

Moses has been one of the most steadfast and dependable of AVEC’s many village power plant operators. He has been on call 24 hours a day for 41 years—a truly remarkable record by any standard. He will be sorely missed and there is little doubt that, when the lights flicker in St. Mary’s, Moses will magically appear at the power plant, just to see if anyone needs a hand.

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, Moses!

Meera Kohler
President and CEO