Service Connects and Disconnects

by / Wednesday, 26 July 2017 / Published in News

This article provides basic information to help streamline the process of getting electric power hooked up. To connect, disconnect or transfer an existing electric service, call AVEC’s Member Services department at 1-800-478-1818.

To start a new service, call AVEC’s Operations Department, which is responsible for coordinating and implementing new service connects.

Detailed information about these procedures is contained on our Website, under the “Customer Service” section ( The paperwork required to start a new service can be downloaded, filled out and mailed in, for both residential and commercial service.

We can’t stress enough the fact that we need to have plenty of advance notice if you plan on moving your service to a new location, or if you are having a new home or building constructed.

Increased federal funds flowing into Alaska resulted in increased construction projects in rural parts of the state. We need your help in giving us enough advance notice so that we can plan our construction work schedule at the lowest possible cost to everyone involved.


It is necessary that your house be wired to code before a service connection to your house can be made. AVEC furnishes a meter, but the consumer must buy the meter socket and all other wiring material that is attached to the building. Service entrance kits are available for purchase from AVEC.

Advance Notification

When you want to have power hooked up to a new building, it is important to notify AVEC well in advance. Members needing new service should be aware that AVEC avoids installation of underground service when the ground is frozen as it’s extremely difficult to make a proper and safe hookup.

The AVEC staff needs to know what you are building, where you are building and when you plan to build. Write to the Operations Department at least six months in advance (18 months for larger installations). The more advance notice you give, the less chances are that you will have to wait to receive power.

Once you notify the Operations Department that you plan to build, you will receive a survey map of your village and a service packet to be filled out. It is important that you indicate the location of your new building on the map, complete the attached paperwork and send it back without delay. If the map and forms are not sent back, the service cannot be designed.

Our goal is to have your new buildings supplied with power in the safest, quickest, and most efficient way. Your help is necessary to make that goal possible.


If you move or for any other reason need to have your meter disconnected, call our Member Services department and then notify your local plant operator and he or she will take care of it for you. Be sure you leave a forwarding address with Member Services so you will receive the last bill on time.

If you move to another AVEC member village, you can have your membership transferred. Simply write to the AVEC office and ask to have your account transferred to the new location.

Remember, you are responsible for the payment of all electric bills prepared in your name until you ask AVEC to disconnect your service. If the AVEC office isn’t aware that you have moved from your service location, or that you have sold your house or are renting it out, you are still responsible for the electric service to that location.