Potential Careers at AVEC

by / Wednesday, 28 February 2018 / Published in Featured Stories

There are four major career areas in the electric utility industry: generation, transmission, distribution and administration. It would be impossible to produce and deliver safe, reliable electricity without the tremendous support, planning and supervision utility employees provide in these different areas.

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) is a generation and distribution cooperative. Distribution cooperatives are responsible for distributing electric power to the end users or consumers. Distribution cooperatives establish electric service to homes and businesses as well as make sure their consumers are supplied with safe, reliable electricity.

Generation cooperatives design and maintain the power plants that generate electric power and also design the installation of the various engines and wind turbines and their related components that help generate the power.

All electric utilities have people employed in areas other than generation and distribution. Accountants, secretaries, purchasing agents, draftspersons, warehouse workers and member service representatives are just a few of the administrative jobs that may become available at AVEC.

Administrative and Clerical Jobs

A variety of different skills and abilities are required for these office jobs.

  •  Member relations representatives deal with consumers (members) directly, whether by phone, letter or office visits. They handle orders for establishing new electric service, answer member questions about their accounts and help solve problems. They also bill the customers and collect and record payments.
  • Secretaries/assistants provide office support by typing and filing letters and reports and preparing charts and presentations.
  • Purchasing agents and warehouse personnel purchase and distribute everything AVEC needs to carry out both in-house and field operations. These items range from paper and pencils up to bulk-fuel tanks and power generation modules.

Scientific and Engineering Jobs

Specialized, complex responsibilities are handled by highly trained employees. For example:

  •  Mechanical and electrical engineers are involved in the planning, design, construction and management of our generation and distribution facilities.

Technical Jobs

Specialized, practical, scientific and mechanical skills are necessary for the installation, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment. AVEC has two different categories of field employees: generation and distribution. Basically our field employees either construct new facility upgrades or maintain them after they are built. All of the field employee positions require extensive travel to remote locations.

  • Computer programmers/technicians manage and produce information used to keep computer operations running securely and efficiently.
  • Auto-cad technicians help prepare and revise the blueprints (design documents) used by engineers and field employees.
  • Electricians follow prepared blue-prints to install or repair electrical equipment, including circuits, control panels and engine-generator sets.
  • Linemen construct and maintain power poles and power lines that carry electricity from the power plant to the consumer.
  • Power plant operators handle the daily power plant operations.
  • Trained wind technicians perform basic maintenance and repairs on wind turbines.
  • Support personnel, including mechanics, welders and laborers help keep equipment safe and in proper operating condition.

Other Professional Jobs

  • Human resource personnel prepare payroll and coordinate employee benefits and wellness programs.
  • Accountants keep financial records and analyze and advise on major business transactions. There are also positions for operations and accounting clerks.
  • Lawyers handle legal matters involving the cooperative and individuals, corporations, groups or governments.
  • Public/community relations personnel help manage community and employee relations programs.
  • Supervisors and corporate support are involved with those aspects of operating an electric cooperative that require a business background.
  • Upper-level managers require advanced degrees and/or years of on-the-job experience.


AVEC’s board of directors believes in helping our students receive a higher education and annually awards up to $20,000 worth of scholarships. More information on our scholarship program is located on our Website under the “News” section.