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Each month AVEC brings you stories about your utility and your community. Please note these stories are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.

AVEC Scholarships Available - Need money for school? Each year Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) awards $20,000 in vocational, technical and academic scholarships in two separate award periods. The first set of scholarships are awarded in June for the fall semester and the second set of scholarships are awarded in November for the spring semester. The scholarships are each... [read more]
Co-ops: We Come In All Shapes And Sizes - By Abby Berry, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and Amy Murphy, AVEC What is a co-op, exactly? When you hear the word “co-op,” what comes to mind? We hope you think of your friends here at Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC), but maybe you think of a credit union. You might be surprised to learn... [read more]
Why Capital Credits? - By Adam Schwartz of The Cooperative Way. Capital credits, patronage dividends, patronage refunds—these are all familiar terms with similar meanings: the allocation of operating margins as equity and, when appropriate, retiring them to the members of the co-op in the form of money or credit on the bill. The retirement of capital credits is one... [read more]
Are Microgrids the Wave of the Future? - By Derrill Holly, Staff writer at NRECA. Alaska cooperative executives see potential in offsetting high diesel costs. Alaska Village Electric Cooperative spent $26 million on diesel fuel last year to provide energy to its members. That cost swings dramatically as world oil prices change, so officials see hybrid microgrids, harnessing renewable energy and emerging technologies... [read more]
Major Growth in Co-op Wind Energy - By Steven Johnson, Staff Writer (NRECA) 8/24/2017 The U.S. Energy Department is reporting a growth spurt in wind energy, including half of planned renewable generation additions at electric cooperatives. In a series of reports on wind energy, DOE said that wind generators added more than 8,200 megawatts of capacity in 2016, representing about 27 percent... [read more]


AVEC’s mission is to be the best Alaskan utility, and as part of that mission is to ensure that we are providing reliable, safe and efficient power to our members. As many of your know, the cost of electricy in Alaska, especially in rural Alaska, is very high.
The All Alaska Energy Project provides a sustainable solution to the energy needs in Alaska. For more information on this project, please click here to visit the projects website: Alaska Grid – The All Alaska Energy Project


Please visit the Vitus Marine Website for more information about their services and the current location of the barges. Link to Vitus Marine, LLC website.