Messages from the CEO

Here are the latest messages from our CEO:

April 2017 – High Bills - Every year, we get several complaints about high bills, but the worst of the complaints generally come during the winter. It is not uncommon to hear from someone who has a $900 bill and is outraged at AVEC’s high cost of electricity. Why does anyone receive a $900 bill? In an average AVEC community where... [read more]
March 2017 – PCE Through the Years – - One of the first back pages I wrote in 2001 talked about power cost equalization. I thought it would be a useful discussion to see how things have changed through the years. Sixteen years ago, we celebrated the establishment of the PCE endowment fund the previous year with the first deposit of $100 million and... [read more]
February 2017 – Nominating Committee Selects Board Candidates – - Per AVEC’s bylaws, nomination of candidates for board seats is the responsibility of a seven member nominating committee appointed by the AVEC Board of Directors. The committee was appointed in November 2016, and has met numerous times via teleconference to complete its assignment. Two board seats currently held by Robert Beans from Mt. Village and... [read more]
January 2017 – Goodbye to 2016 and Hello to 2917! – - Patronage Capital Checks Mailed If you were an AVEC member in 1992 or 1993, you should have received a check or notice of credit in late December. Earlier this year, the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Board of Directors made a decision to refund $1.75 million of our accumulated patronage capital. This payment reflects credits that... [read more]
December 2016 – Last Call for Board Nominations – - The AVEC nominating committee, which consists of seven serving delegates, is seeking nominations for candidates to run for two board seats. According to the bylaws, “no member shall be eligible to become or remain a director … who is not a bona fide member of the cooperative or in good standing or who is in... [read more]
November 2016 – Excitement Is In The Air - Community Annual Meetings begin November 1 and continue until March 1. Door prizes have been shipped to every community in the boxes shown here. Be sure to attend and claim your $25 attendance incentive, elect your delegate and vie for one of the great door prizes! A nominating committee of delegates has been appointed by... [read more]
October 2016 – In Memory of Mark Bryan - Mark Bryan dedicated his career to AVEC. It was more than just a job. The AVEC members and employees are a big extended family. As with any family, it takes a lot of work to keep it together and functioning. Mark started as a young buck in 1980, traveling throughout Alaska installing engines, building power... [read more]
September 2016 – Nominations Open for AVEC Board: - The bylaw amendments adopted by the membership last year have changed the way board members are elected. Instead of being elected by delegates at the annual meeting in Anchorage, they are now elected by you, the members, via a mail-in ballot. To implement that process, the AVEC Board will soon appoint a nominating committee of... [read more]
August 2016 – Construction Season is Upon Us. - I was at a conference in the Lower 48 last month, and someone asked me how many seasons we have up in Alaska. Without missing a beat, I responded, “Two: winter and construction season!” While it did get a chuckle, it is nonetheless the truth. We have small teams of employees and contractors scattered throughout... [read more]
July 2016 – Summer Means Fire Season. - It is summer in Alaska! That also means it is fire season. Last winter was a mild one with less snowfall than normal. Spring came earlier than usual as well, with the accompanying good news that break-up was largely uneventful, with no significant flooding. A mild spring with less than normal rainfall has brought many... [read more]
June 2016 – Looking Back to the Year 2000. - It seems like only yesterday, but it has been 16 eventful years since I came to AVEC as your president and CEO. So much has happened since then. I thought it would be interesting to look back on all we have accomplished. At the end of 1999, we served 21,000 Alaskans in 51 communities and... [read more]
May 2016 – In Memoriam, Steve Gilbert. - Steven Gilbert was a respected member of our leadership team at AVEC the past few years. He passed away unexpectedly on April 3, 2016, leaving an enormous gap in our cooperative family. Steven was born November 21, 1957, in Marion, Indiana. He was an electrical engineer who moved to Alaska in 1984. Steven worked for... [read more]
April 2016 Back Page – Board of Directors Election and Annual Meeting. - This edition of Ruralite magazine will arrive in your mailbox just about exactly the same time as our 2016 Annual Meeting is underway in Anchorage. We will soon have results of AVEC’s first director election where the members themselves have selected their representatives to serve on the board. Approximately 6,800 ballots were mailed in late... [read more]
March 2016 Back Page — Bethel Community Annual Meeting. - I had the pleasure of attending Bethel’s second community annual meeting last month and am pleased to report it was well attended, with a lot of good discussion and questions asked and answered. The meeting was chaired by one of last year’s Bethel delegates, Beverly Hoffman. It is the privilege of the chairwoman to determine... [read more]
February 2016 Back Page — Nominating Committee Selects Board Candidates. - With the bylaw changes passed by the membership last year, nomination of candidates for board seats is now the responsibility of a seven-member nominating committee appointed by the AVEC Board of Directors. The committee was appointed in October 2015, and met numerous times via teleconference to complete its assignment. Members of the nominating committee must... [read more]
January 2016 Back Page — A Message From Meera about Patronage Capital. - If you were a member of AVEC in 1991, you should have received a check from us right around Christmastime. Why did you receive that check? As you know, you are a member of a cooperative. Your electric bill pays for our costs to serve you—and a little bit more. We are required by our... [read more]
December 2015 Back Page — Electronic AMR Meters are Working Well! - A major system upgrade to install electronic automated meters throughout each AVEC community ended in August when the last of the meters were installed in Bethel. AMR meters feature automated meter reading capabilities that modernize our in-house operations and reduce overhead costs. They operate at 900 mhz, similar to cell phones. Benefits of this new... [read more]
November 2015 Back Page — 2015 Scholarship Winners Announced. - The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Board of Directors awarded scholarships totaling $9,500 to eight students from its member communities for the 2015 fall semester. The following students were awarded $1,000 scholarships: • Cory LePore of Bethel • Ashley Johnson of Bethel The following students were awarded $500 scholarships: • Rhiannon Kokrine of Mt. Village •... [read more]
October 2015 Back Page — There is a Cooperative Difference. - While all electric utilities offer the same product, where it comes from makes a difference. By Adam Schwartz.  In the U.S., most people receive their electricity from one of three types of utilities: investor-owned, municipal-owned or through their electric cooperative, which is owned and controlled by the people who use it. In the investor-owned model,... [read more]
September 2015 Back Page – – Nominations Open for AVEC Board. - The bylaw amendments adopted by the membership this year have changed the way board members are elected. Instead of being elected by delegates at the annual meeting in Anchorage, they will instead be elected by you, the members, via a mail-in ballot. To implement that process, the AVEC Board has appointed a nominating committee of... [read more]
August 2015 Back Page - — Visit to Our Nation’s Capital: I was honored to be invited to present to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in July about micro-grids in Alaska. I was one of five presenters along with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Hawaii, Guam and the Virgin Islands. It was a wonderful opportunity to educate... [read more]
July 2015 Back Page - – – Fire in Emmonak Plant: Shortly after 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 28, we received the dreaded call from our power plant operator in Emmonak, reporting that a fire had started in the power plant. Soon, dense smoke emanated from the building as the fire suppression system activated. The local fire department rushed to... [read more]
June 2015 Back Page - – – Moses Paukan Sr. Hangs up His Headphones!: Moses Paukan Sr. started working for AVEC as a power plant operator in 1974, just five years after St. Mary’s became the eighth village in AVEC’s young family. Moses grew along with AVEC, becoming St. Mary’s mayor, serving on the local school board, serving a stint... [read more]

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