Meet Ely Stone (designer of AVEC’s logo)

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Meet Ely Stone
(The designer of AVEC’s logo.)


Ruralite back page article, July 2011
By Meera Kohler



Ely Stone and his daughter Mayu
standing in front of the Hooper Bay
power plant.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our welders, Greg “Tip” Tiplady, was in Hooper Bay when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Are you from AVEC?” he was asked.

“Yes, I am, he replied. “How can I help you?”

A conversation began. As it turned out, Tip was wearing a sweatshirt with the AVEC logo on it. And the man who tapped him on his shoulder was none other than the individual who designed the logo more than 35 years ago. That man was Elias Stone, better known as Ely.

Ely was a young lad when his parents moved from Chevak to Hooper Bay. He didn’t want to leave his friends and family in Chevak, so Ely stayed behind with relatives for a while. Eventually, he rejoined his parents in Hooper Bay and enrolled in high school there. Shortly after, his new teachers discovered Ely had excellent art skills and encouraged him to submit a drawing to AVEC, which was advertising a contest for a new logo. Ely drew a hunter in a winter parka, looking out across Alaska with a lightning bolt in his right hand instead of a harpoon. The rest is history.

AVEC has used the “AVEC Man” logo for decades now, and it has come to symbolize who we are. Unfortunately, no one now at AVEC was an employee in the mid-1970s, so we don’t remember the contest or Ely’s role in it. I contacted former General Manager Loyd Hodson, and he recalled that a young lad from Hooper Bay designed the logo.

Ely is a grown man now, with a family of his own. He is a counselor for the local school district and works every day to make a difference in the lives of youth in his community. He is pictured on the front cover of this magazine with his 5-year-old daughter, Mayu.

We sent him a number of logo items to show him how proud we are of his design from many years ago. I hope he wears them with as much pride as we do.Thank you, Ely, for a beautiful piece of art that defines AVEC so well.