The federal government shutdown might be directly impacting AVEC members across the state. If a member who is a federal employee or contractor is suffering financial hardship due to not being paid, please contact Member Services at 1-800-478-1818 and we will be happy to help you with a deferred payment plan for your electric bill. Thank you for your service.


Q. Why didn’t my payment show on my bill?
A. As a general rule, if you mailed your payment after the 12th of the month we will not receive it in time to post it to your account prior to the next billing cycle being printed and mailed.
Q. Why did I get a disconnect notice when I sent a payment?
A. Often times if you sent a payment then receive a disconnect letter a few days, or even a week later, the likelihood is that your payment and the disconnect letter crossed in the mail.
Q. Would you explain my bill?
A. Your bill is made of many different parts (depending on the type of service):
  • kWh Charge – which is assessed to everyone according to their usage.
  • Fuel Charge – the actual cost to bring the fuel to each village
  • Customer Charge – $5.00 flat fee per service per month.
  • PCE deduction – many residential services, and some community facility services, are eligible for the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) deduction, which will reduce the per kWh charge up to 500 kWh each month.
  • Sales Tax – some villages assess city sales tax to electrical usage.
  • Demand Charge – if a service is billed on a demand meter there will be a demand charge assessed (charge derived by the highest draw from the generator during a 15 minute interval throughout the month).
  • Late Fee – if charges are 60 days past due a late fee will be added to the total until the balance due is no longer delinquent.
Q. Why is my bill so high?
A. There may be a lot of factors that point to a higher than usual bill. Here are some of the most common things that can cause a bill to be higher than your previous bill:
  • Make sure that your last payment has been received and shows on your billing statement. If you mail your payment after the 12th of the month, it may not have been received when the statement was printed.
  • Electrical heating devices use a lot of energy. Small electric heaters can use over 1000 kWh per month if used continuously. (That could increase your bill by as much as $500!) Other appliances that use a lot of electricity include electric hot water heaters, electric ovens and some power tools.
Q. Where can I get assistance paying my electric bill to avoid disconnection?
A. To learn about different agencies that can provide some financial assistance to consumers who have problems paying their electric bills, view this link.
Q. What are some of the potential careers available at AVEC?
A. AVEC has a variety of jobs that periodically become available. For more information, view this link.
Q. How do I pay my electric bills online?
A. For detailed information on how to connect or disconnect your service, or check on the status of your meter, view this link.
Q. When it comes to household wiring, where does AVEC’s responsibility end and a consumer’s responsibility begin?
A. All interior household wiring is the consumer’s responsibility. To understand where your responsibility begins and AVEC’s responsibility ends, view this link.