The federal government shutdown might be directly impacting AVEC members across the state. If a member who is a federal employee or contractor is suffering financial hardship due to not being paid, please contact Member Services at 1-800-478-1818 and we will be happy to help you with a deferred payment plan for your electric bill. Thank you for your service.


For connecting, disconnecting or transferring an existing service, call AVEC Member Services at 1-800-478-1818.

To connect a new service with an existing meter you will need a Application for Service and Membership .Fax your completed form(s) to 1-800-478-2389.

To DISCONNECT a service, or remove it from your name, you will need a Disconnect Form . If the service is to be transfered into someone else's name, without service interruption, we MUST receive Connect & Membership Paperwork for the new account holder at the same time. Fax your completed form(s) to 1-800-478-2389.

For A Change in Membership you will need to submit several items: either a Joint to Single OR a Single to Joint form, as well as a NEW Membership Form. Those forms are available by calling our office.

Data Collection Form - AVEC is required to identify and document as accurately as possible the racial/ethnic data on the eligible population in our service area. The information will be used ONLY for Federal Government Reporting Purposes. Your response is optional, but we would appreciate your cooperation. Click here for the Data Collection Form.

Submit Damage Claim

If you believe that you have a payable damage claim, caused by AVEC, please complete the Consumer Report of Damages. This form is available to download below. Once the form is completed, please fax it to AVEC at 1-800-478-2389. At that time we will forward the claim to our insurance carrier for review and follow up. Consumer Report of Damages Form Have questions about a claim you have submitted? Call 1-800-478-1818


To establish new electrical service in your home or office, we need a few details to get started. Click on this link to view New Service Request Procedures or follow the steps below:

  1. Call, email, or click on these links to get your Residential or Commercial Service Request Forms. Click on these links to get directions to fill out your Residential Directions or Commercial Directions service request forms.
  2. An Application for Service & Membership is needed to initiate service with AVEC. Click here for the Application for Service & Membership
  3. A Disconnect Form is needed to end service or change ownership of the service with AVEC. Click here for the Disconnect Form
  4. href="" target="_blank">Click here to download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader
  5. Make any necessary changes to your structure so that it complies with AVEC standards as outlined in your Entrance Inspection Form (included in your Service Request paperwork or available to download under the Standard Service Offerings Section).
  6. Send or email all your completed forms to:Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc.4831 Eagle St.Anchorage Alaska 99503
  7. After AVEC receives your completed forms, we’ll create a work order and our Engineering Department will begin designing the new service.
  8. After the design is completed, you will be notified of any CIA (Contribution in Aid) cost that may be due. (This cost usually applies only to commercial customers with large electrical demands or other customers located far outside a village.)
  9. When you are ready for the new service to be connected (and you’ve paid any CIA that may be applicable), notify the Operations Department by calling 1-800-478-1818. Please be sure your paperwork has been submitted and you have no delinquent accounts with AVEC before calling.
  10. Following this notification, a lineman will be sent to your village to make the connection within 90 days.
Important: To make the connection, your service area must comply with AVEC standards as outlined in your Entrance Inspection Form (part of the initial Service Request paperwork). If it does not, the connection cannot be made.


  • 1-800-478-1818
  • 1-800-959-0324 (fax)
  • Email link - TBD


Bills are mailed by the middle of each month and you can pay by mail or online with your Visa or Master Card.

By Mail: Simply send your check or money order though the mail.

By Phone: Use your credit card or debit card over the phone by calling AVEC Member Services at 1-800-478-1818.

Online Bill Pay: You may pay your bill online with your Visa or Master Card by clicking the link Online Bill Pay. The first time you access online bill payment you will be asked to complete the registration process by providing your account number, the last four digits of your social security number, a valid phone number and email address. The social security number and phone number you provide must match what we have in our computer system. If you wish to change or provide updated information you may call Member Services.

Call Member Services at 1-800-478-1818 for assistance.

Automatic Bill Payment: Are you interested in enrolling in our automatic bill payment service for residential customers? Under this program we will charge the credit card provided each month for the total amount due on either the 10th or 20th of every month. If you are interested, please sign into your ebiz account to enroll.


Your bill is calculated using your total kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity consumed multiplied by a specific rate. This rate varies by the amount of electricity consumed, the cost of fuel for your community, and (for residential customers) the allowable Power Cost Equalization (PCE) adjustment approved for your community. Here are the basic equations:

  • For 1-500 kWh consumed:
    Rate = ( .30 + Cost of Fuel) – (PCE Adjustment)
  • For 501-700 kWh consumed:
    Rate = (.30 + Cost of Fuel)
  • Over 700 kWh consumed:
    Rate = (.20 + Cost of Fuel)

To look up the rate for your community (as well as specific fuels costs and PCE rates), see the 2018 Table of Residential Rates.

PCE funding is governed by Alaska State Statute (42.45.110), and rates are approved by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

To look up the generating efficiency for your community, see the

2016 Generating Efficiency All Villages (PDF).
  • For 1-700 kWh consumed: Rate = ( .30 + Cost of Fuel)
  • Over 700 kWh consumed: Rate = (.20 + Cost of Fuel)

To look up the rate for your village (as well as specific fuels costs), click on Table of Small Commercial Rates.


Contact your AVEC representative for rate information.

Do you have an account that you want to be evaluated to receive PCE under the Community Facility bracket? If so, you will need to complete the PCE Community Facility Information Sheet and provide the required backup for each service. Once the PCE Information sheet is completed, and the needed backup is ready, fax your completed application to AVEC at 1-800-478-2389. Click here for a copy of the application PCE Community Facility Information Sheet

Other Fees: Some communities assess city sales tax to electrical usage. If a service is billed on a demand meter there will be a demand charge assessed (charge derived by the highest draw from the generator during a 15-minute interval throughout the month). If your charges are 60 days past due a late fee will be added to the total until the balance due is no longer delinquent.