It’s May — and Alaska Village Electric Cooperative is celebrating National Electrical Safety Month. While safety for our members is top priority year-round, Electrical Safety Month is a time to acknowledge the importance of safety excellence. This year, we’re focusing on electrical safety in the home. Electricity is the cause of over 140,000 fires each year, resulting

Potential Careers at AVEC

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There are four major career areas in the electric utility industry: generation, transmission, distribution and administration. It would be impossible to produce and deliver safe, reliable electricity without the tremendous support, planning and supervision utility employees provide in these different areas. Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) is a generation and distribution cooperative. Distribution cooperatives are

Space Heater Safety —

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(Article Provided by the Website) Space heaters can be a quick way to heat up a room. However, they can be as dangerous as they are convenient if used improperly. Space heaters cause 25,000 home fires a year, and 6,000 emergency room visits, according to the Harvard University Environmental Health & Safety group. Approximately

It’s very important to first check with AVEC to be sure whatever system you want to install will be allowed to be connected to the utility system (grid). With the high cost of fuel and energy in rural Alaska there are often vendors that want to sell renewable energy “solutions” to co-op members with the

Last Frontier Honor Flight Program Sends Veterans to Washington, D.S. Twenty-three Alaskan veterans of World War II and the Korean War traveled to Washington, D.C. this past October, courtesy of the Last Frontier Honor Flight program. These veterans and their chaperones toured national monuments including the WWII Memorial. One of the participants was Johnnie Ticket

By Tom Tate, NRECA There is little, if anything, you can buy today that does not have some electronic component. Even clothing as wearable electronics are starting to take hold. Not to mention a device ( that allows you to make a keyboard from bananas. So, it’s time to take a look at making sure