Togiak Power Outage Notification

Thursday, 30 March 2017 by

The community of Togiak will experience a power outage on 03/31/2017 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. so our crew can retire two transformers and install a new one. This outage affects the airport area only.

Space Heater Safety —

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 by

(Article Provided by the Website) Space heaters can be a quick way to heat up a room. However, they can be as dangerous as they are convenient if used improperly. Space heaters cause 25,000 home fires a year, and 6,000 emergency room visits, according to the Harvard University Environmental Health & Safety group. Approximately

Community Annual Meetings begin November 1 and continue until March 1. Door prizes have been shipped to every community in the boxes shown here. Be sure to attend and claim your $25 attendance incentive, elect your delegate and vie for one of the great door prizes! A nominating committee of delegates has been appointed by

Mark Bryan dedicated his career to AVEC. It was more than just a job. The AVEC members and employees are a big extended family. As with any family, it takes a lot of work to keep it together and functioning. Mark started as a young buck in 1980, traveling throughout Alaska installing engines, building power

It’s very important to first check with AVEC to be sure whatever system you want to install will be allowed to be connected to the utility system (grid). With the high cost of fuel and energy in rural Alaska there are often vendors that want to sell renewable energy “solutions” to co-op members with the

AVEC is always looking for ideas and suggestions to improve the electric power you receive or help reduce the cost. One easy way for you to share these suggestions is by attending the annual community meeting. Your involvement can help ensure you continue to receive reliable, affordable power. Community meetings are just one small part

The bylaw amendments adopted by the membership last year have changed the way board members are elected. Instead of being elected by delegates at the annual meeting in Anchorage, they are now elected by you, the members, via a mail-in ballot. To implement that process, the AVEC Board will soon appoint a nominating committee of

In Memoriam – Mark Bryan.

Thursday, 25 August 2016 by

In memoriam Mark Bryan This link takes you to information about Mark Bryan’s memorial service.            

I was at a conference in the Lower 48 last month, and someone asked me how many seasons we have up in Alaska. Without missing a beat, I responded, “Two: winter and construction season!” While it did get a chuckle, it is nonetheless the truth. We have small teams of employees and contractors scattered throughout

It is summer in Alaska! That also means it is fire season. Last winter was a mild one with less snowfall than normal. Spring came earlier than usual as well, with the accompanying good news that break-up was largely uneventful, with no significant flooding. A mild spring with less than normal rainfall has brought many