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Wales is located on Cape Prince of Wales, at the western tip of the Seward Peninsula, 111 miles northwest of Nome. A burial mound of the “Birnirk” culture (500 A.D. to 900 A.D.) was discovered near Wales and is now a national landmark. In 1827 the Russian Navy reported the Eskimo villages of “Eidamoo” near the coast and “King-a-ghe” further inland. In 1890, the American Missionary Association established a mission here, and in 1894 a reindeer station was organized. A post office was established in 1902. Wales became a major whaling center due to its location along migratory routes, and it was the region’s largest and most prosperous village, with more than 500 residents. The influenza epidemic in 1918-19 claimed the lives of many of Wales’ finest whalers. The City government was incorporated in 1964.

Wales sunny winter day

Wales on a sunny, winter day

Wales door outside plant

Looking out of a power plant door in winter – a path has to
be shoveled through the drifting snow in order to access the module

Wales plant in summer

Power plant in summer

Wales snow covered plant                       Power plant in winter – nearly covered by snowdrifts