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Selawik_WindTurbinesSelawik is located at the mouth of the Selawik River where it empties into Selawik Lake, about 90 miles east of Kotzebue. It lies 670 miles northwest of Anchorage. The City is near the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge, a key breeding and resting spot for migratory waterfowl. Lt. L.A. Zagoskin of the Imperial Russian Navy first reported the village in the 1840s as “Chilivik.” Ivan Petroff counted 100 “Selawigamute” people in his 1880 census. Selawik is an Eskimo name for a species of fish. Around 1908, the site had a small wooden schoolhouse and church. The village has continued to grow and has expanded across the Selawik River onto three banks, linked by bridges. Selawik incorporated as a First Class City in 1974, but in 1977, changed to a Second Class City government. Thanks to funding assistance received from the Denali Commission, Selawik has a state-of-the-art, automated power plant, elevated bulk fuel tank farm and four 65-kW Atlantic Orient Corporation wind turbines. Photos of before and after views of the power plant and tank farm are below.


                       New automated power plant with fuel-efficient engines,
elevated bulk fuel tank farm and four wind turbines

                       Original power plantSelawik_tankfarm_before                   Original tank farm and power plant