Scammon Bay

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Scammon Bay is on the south bank of the Kun River, one mile from the Bering Sea. It lies to the north of the 2,300-foot Askinuk Mountains on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. It was known in Eskimo as “Mariak,” and its residents were called “Mariagamiut.” The nearby Bay was named after Capt. Charles Scammon, who served as the marine chief of the Western Union Telegraph Expedition from 1856 to 67. The name came into use when the Scammon Bay post office was established in 1951. The City government was incorporated in 1967. The bulk fuel tank farm was recently renovated.


Scammon Bay bulk fuel tank farm

The refurbished bulk fuel tank farm.


Drifting snow sometimes covers homes


Original power plant and tank farm


Upgraded bulk fuel tank farm