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Nightmute is located on Nelson Island, in western Alaska. It is 18 miles upriver from Toksook Bay and 100 miles west of Bethel. Nelson has been inhabited by the Qaluyaarmiut, or “dip net people,” for 2,000 years. The area was relatively isolated from outside contact, and has kept its traditions and culture. Umkumiut is the traditional fish camp. In 1964, several residents moved to Toksook Bay to obtain more cost-effective goods. The City was incorporated in 1974.  The Nightmute Power Plant was acquired by AVEC in March 1998. A new electrical intertie line was built between Nightmute and Toksook Bay, which has four wind turbines. A standby power generation unit was installed in Nightmute and the old power plant was shut down.

Nightmute Aerial

Aerial view

Nightmute AVEC Standby Generation Module Stand-by power generation module

Nightmute Plant Riser Span

View near power plant

Nightmute Winter Scene

Winter scene