Hooper Bay

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Hooper Bay is located 20 miles south of Cape Romanzof, 25 miles south of Scammon Bay in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The city is separated into two sections: a heavily built-up townsite located on gently rolling hills, and a newer section in the lowlands. Hooper Bay is located 500 miles west of Anchorage. “Askinuk” or “Askinaghamiut” are the early Eskimo names for Hooper Bay. The village was first reported in 1878 by E.W. Nelson of the U.S. Signal Service. The 1890 Census found 138 persons living in 14 homes. The name Hooper Bay came into common usage after a post office with this name was established in 1934. The present-day Eskimo name “Naparyarmiut” means “stake village people.” The City government was incorporated in 1966. In the summer 2008 three Northwind 100 wind turbines were erected and they became operational in 2009.

Hooper Bay Aerial View

Three 100-kW wind turbines at Hooper Bay.

Little Picu is perched on top of one of the wind towers.


Hooper Bay Power Plant

Original power plant

 Hooper Bay Tank Farm

Original tank farm

Hooper Bay Fire

Bad fire in community in 2006