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Emmonak Aerial2

Emmonak is located at the mouth of the Yukon River, 10 miles from the Bering Sea, on the north bank of Kwiguk Pass. It lies 120 air miles northwest of Bethel and 490 air miles from Anchorage, in the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.The village was originally called “Kwiguk,” a Yup’ik word meaning “big stream.” Villagers call themselves “Kuigpagmuit,” or “people from the Yukon River.” It has also been called “Emanguk” by the Census Bureau. The original settlement was 1.4 miles south of its present location, and was first reported by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1899. A post office was established there in 1920. Later, commercial fishing became a major industry in the village and the northern Commercial Company built a cannery. In 1964, the cannery was washed away by floods. That same year, the City government was incorporated. Due to increasing flooding and erosion, the village was relocated 1.4 miles north of Kwiguk in 1964-65. The new location was renamed Emmonak, which means “blackfish.” A new intertie was built between Alakanuk and Emmonak and four 100-kW wind turbines were installed in Emmonak. The wind turbines are operational but the integration with the diesel technology is not fully completed yet.

Emmonak Plant and TanksOriginal power plant and tank farmEmmonak In Winter