The federal government shutdown might be directly impacting AVEC members across the state. If a member who is a federal employee or contractor is suffering financial hardship due to not being paid, please contact Member Services at 1-800-478-1818 and we will be happy to help you with a deferred payment plan for your electric bill. Thank you for your service.

About Us

icon_about_didyouknowDID YOU KNOW..?

AVEC service area is the largest in the world for a retail cooperative. We serve 58 communities stretching from Kivalina in the north to Old Harbor on Kodiak Island in the south, and from Gambell on St. Lawrence Island in the west to Minto in the east. Yakutat, in southeast Alaska, is more than 1,000 air miles from Gambell.

Minto is the only AVEC community accessible by road. All other AVEC communities are accessible by airplane or marine vessel only.

AVEC began in 1968. More than 50 years ago we started providing electric service to the residents of Nulato, Hooper Bay, and Old Harbor.

Our members come from many different cultures—including Athabascan, Aleut, Inupiat, Yupik, Siberian Yupik, and Caucasian. Although the majority of the members have command of two languages, there are still many who speak only in their Native dialect.

A stable power source enhances our lives. Although electric power in rural communities remains expensive, stable electric service has brought about positive improvements in health care, housing, schools, water and sewer systems, communications and helped economic growth.

AVEC is a private organization. AVEC started out with loans from the Rural Utilities Service, United States Department of Agriculture and became a Denali Commission partner in 2001. AVEC also finances construction through a fellow cooperative – the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation.

Every community has a say in how AVEC operates. Each community elects a delegate to represent their community at the Annual Cooperative Meeting held each April in Anchorage. AVEC members elect the board of directors.

AVEC and the local governments operate as a partnership. The village governments hire the plant operators and oversee the day-to-day operation of the power generating and distribution plants.

Permafrost is a powerful design influence. Because of active permafrost that breaks buried cables, the majority of AVEC’s distribution systems are overhead.

We use more than 150 diesel generators. These produce electric power for our member communities, running a cumulative total of more than 400,000 hours per year. That is equal to nearly 950 trips by diesel truck around the world each year, or about 23 million road miles!

AVEC purchases nearly six million gallons of fuel annually. The fuel is stored in bulk fuel tank farm facilities, many of which are being upgraded or completely rebuilt with money received from the Denali Commission.

AVEC is upgrading. We’re currently upgrading and increasing the operating efficiency of our power plant facilities and distribution lines, one community at a time.

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Q. Why didn’t my payment show on my bill?
A. As a general rule, if you mailed your payment after the 12th of the month we will not receive it in time to post it to your account prior to the next billing cycle being printed and mailed.
Q. Why did I get a disconnect notice when I sent a payment?
A. Often times if you sent a payment then receive a disconnect letter a few days, or even a week later, the likelihood is that your payment and the disconnect letter crossed in the mail.
Q. Would you explain my bill?
A. Your bill is made of many different parts (depending on the type of service):
  • kWh Charge – which is assessed to everyone according to their usage.
  • Fuel Charge – the actual cost to bring the fuel to each village
  • Customer Charge – $5.00 flat fee per service per month.
  • PCE deduction – many residential services, and some community facility services, are eligible for the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) deduction, which will reduce the per kWh charge up to 500 kWh each month.
  • Sales Tax – some villages assess city sales tax to electrical usage.
  • Demand Charge – if a service is billed on a demand meter there will be a demand charge assessed (charge derived by the highest draw from the generator during a 15 minute interval throughout the month).
  • Late Fee – if charges are 60 days past due a late fee will be added to the total until the balance due is no longer delinquent.
Q. Why is my bill so high?
A. There may be a lot of factors that point to a higher than usual bill. Here are some of the most common things that can cause a bill to be higher than your previous bill:
  • Make sure that your last payment has been received and shows on your billing statement. If you mail your payment after the 12th of the month, it may not have been received when the statement was printed.
  • Electrical heating devices use a lot of energy. Small electric heaters can use over 1000 kWh per month if used continuously. (That could increase your bill by as much as $500!) Other appliances that use a lot of electricity include electric hot water heaters, electric ovens and some power tools.


icon_about_joboppsJOB OPPORTUNITIES

There are many benefits to joining the AVEC team. We offer great benefit packages, advancement opportunities and, for our field employees, the chance to travel to a variety of communities throughout Western and Interior Alaska.

Maintenance Technician

Anchorage - Open Until Filled. Maintenance Technician

Member Services Representative

Anchorage, AK - Open Until Filled Member Services Representative

Power Plant Operator - Bethel

Bethel, AK- Open Until Filled. Power Plant Operator - Bethel

Lead Diesel Mechanic

Bethel, AK- Open Until Filled. Lead Diesel Mechanic

Electrical Engineer, PE

Anchorage Location -Open Until Filled. Electrical Engineer, PE

A completed company application is required and may be submitted to or mailed to:

Human Resources Department
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc.
4831 Eagle St.
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

An application can be downloaded from this web site or you may call 561-1818. AVEC accepts application only for open positions. Positions open until filled. Interviews by appointment only. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

AVEC Employment Application

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Want to learn more about what AVEC looks for in a diesel mechanic or other technician positions? Check out our Mechanic/Technician Brochure.


icon_about_scholarshipSCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

Educational Scholarships
The AVEC Scholarship Committee awards up to 20 $1,000 vocational, technical and academic scholarships each new school year. The program was changed and for the first time, scholarships may also be awarded throughout the year to students attending schools that start at different times of the year. All applications for fall semester are due by April 15, winners will be announced by mid July, and distribution of funds to university or trade school will begin mid August. All Applications for spring semester are due by August 15 and winners will be announced by mid November, and distribution of funds to university or trade school will begin mid December. Click here for the Educational Scholarship Application. Click here for a Potential Careers brochure. Contact the Member Services Manager for more information about this program and the application process.